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District 55 Umpires

2017 Junior Inter-League Umpire Scheduler (Mar 3, 2017)

Here is information on how to volunteer and sign-up to umpire for Junior Division games. Read More


District 55 Training Videos and Handouts (May 22, 2017) Updated

Watch these videos if your are not sure of your responsibilities during a rotation. Read More


2017 Volunteer Application (Sep 26, 2016)

All Little League volunteers must submit a volunteer application and pass a background check. Read More


District 55 Regional and World Series Umpires (Dec 20, 2016)

See the list of umpires from District 55 who have been selected for a Region or World Series Read More


District 55's Policy for Umpire Recommendations (Dec 19, 2016)

Is it your goal to umpire in a West Region or World Series Tournament as a District 55 umpire? Read More


District 55 Umpire Uniform (Apr 20, 2016)

Where should I purchase my umpire uniform and what colors should I get? There are so many to choose. Read More


District 55 Umpire Shirts and Caps (Jun 5, 2016)

Place your order for umpire caps and short-sleeve umpire under shirts. Read More


District 55 Umpire Mentor Program (Sep 30, 2015)

How can an umpire improve his game throughout the season? Get a mentor! Read More


Above and Beyond Award (Oct 24, 2014)

Each season, District 55 features a new a award for the hardest working umpire. Read More


CA District 55 Iron Man Award (Oct 1, 2014)

Are you interested in Umpiring as a VOLUNTEER? District 55 honors its hardest working Umpire each season with the Iron Man award. Read More